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Claim: Stargate: Atlantis, general series
Title: Advantage
Author: resonant8
Characters: John/Rodney, others
Prompt: 25. Kink
Rating: NC-17
Length: Long
Brief summary: On a mission offworld, John accidentally becomes Rodney's slave and finds that he must obey Rodney's orders and is compelled to make him happy (which doesn't stop him from being incredibly bossy while doing so). This eventually segues into sex, which is where the kink part comes in - because coming on demand and coming on someone is always hot and there should definitely be more of it out there. Plus, it has a really sweet ending.

"Why are you here?"
Sheppard shrugged. "Nowhere else to be."
"So you thought you'd come and pester -- wait. Are you feeling some sort of compulsion to stay close to me?"
Sheppard rolled his eyes. "Yes, me and the birds and the stars and --"
"Major Sheppard. Tell me. Is the stupid alien slave virus making you stay close to me?"
"Yes," Sheppard said, glaring at him.
"They made him your slave? Pity it wasn't someone prettier," Zelenka said. "Tell me about it," Rodney said. "Well," he went on to Sheppard, "how do you feel about making yourself useful and bringing up something to eat?"
Sheppard didn't trot off like a good slave, and he didn't roll his eyes like normal Sheppard. He shifted from foot to foot and then said, in a choked tone that suggested he was speaking under protest, "I feel conflicted."
"Oh, my god, I've made you talk about your feelings. That stuff is strong," Rodney said.

Link to the story: Advantage
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Tags: nc-17, rec50, sga, slash
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