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Holiday ficlets by Smittywing

Claim: Stargate: Atlantis, general series
Title: Holiday ficlets by Smittywing (various titles)
Author: smittywing
Characters: Various, including Weir/Caldwell and Laura/Carson
Prompt: 42. Holiday
Rating: G?
Length: Each ficlet is short; overall medium (24 ficlets in total)
Brief summary: smittywing wrote a series of 24 ficlets as a kind of fannish advent calender this year, which feature brief snapshots of Atlantis preparing for Christmas. Throughout them run some ongoing threads, such as Lorne's quest to find flying reindeer and Caldwell's attempt to court Elizabeth by finding the last box of strawberry flavoured candy canes on Earth. Amusing and sweet, some of these are gen and some are het, and a few have very slight slashy overtones, depending on how much of a slasher you are. Humourous and sweet, it's impossible to stop at one.

(It proved to be impossible not to quote the entirety of any ficlet - the one below is number #2.)
"I just don't see how we're going to do it," Colonel Caldwell objected. "We're short on time and space this trip. We're already bringing extra supplies."
"Not everybody celebrates the holidays," Elizabeth countered. "But many of them do, and if they could send something tangible to their families -- "
"Ah, Colonel Caldwell!"
"Rodney, we're a little busy right now," Elizabeth warned. "Can this wait?"
"I just need a few more things from Earth," Rodney said. "Say...the Back to the Future trilogy, widescreen of course, some microwave popcorn, and ah -- " He snapped his fingers a couple times, obviously chasing a lost idea. "One of those how to play a guitar books. Something that's not Johnny Cash, because if I have to listen to Sheppard mangle 'Ring of Fire' one more time, I'm going to be completely bald by New Year's." He paused and looked at Caldwell. "Of course that works for some people."
"Rodney." Elizabeth raised an eyebrow.
"On my way," he said, and made himself scarce.
Elizabeth glanced up at the Colonel through her lashes. "I really like those candy canes that taste like strawberry...."
Caldwell knew when he was beaten. "I'll see what I can do."

Link to the story: Holiday ficlets by Smittywing
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Tags: g, gen, het, rec50, sga, slash
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