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Can't Have One Without The Other

Claim: Stargate: Atlantis, general series
Title: Can't Have One Without The Other
Author: astolat
Characters: John/Rodney, Ford, Teyla, Elizabeth, others
Prompt: 34. Vacation
Rating: NC-17?
Length: Medium
Brief summary: Set pre-S2, John and Rodney aquire a ZPM by participating in an alien marriage ceremony. Ford takes it upon himself to ensure that they have an appropriate reception when they get back to Atlantis, which doesn't please John much, but also that they both get some time off for a honeymoon, which does.

About half an hour in, Elizabeth came by with her mouth twitching and her eyes crinkling up to offer her own congratulations. "Et tu?" John said, reproachfully.
"Sorry, Major," she said. "I've just had it pointed out to me that the two of you deserve some time off for a honeymoon."
"Yeah, by people who are going to be wishing they had time off when I'm through with them," John muttered.
Elizabeth laughed. "Well, I don't know if we can spare you both on short notice for the traditional two weeks, but maybe a couple of days -- "
"Two days off?" Rodney said. "I don't think I've ever taken one since we got here. You?" he asked John.
"A whole day? Maybe not," John said, trying to think if he had.
"In that case, it sounds to me like a little R&R is overdue," Elizabeth said. "Consider it an order." Her mouth twitched again around her smile.

Link to the story: Can't Have One Without The Other
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Tags: nc-17, rec50, sga, slash
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