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A Better Fate

Claim: Stargate: Atlantis, general series
Title: A Better Fate
Author: mmmchelle
Characters: John/Rodney, others
Prompt: 36. Family
Rating: NC-17
Length: Epic
Brief summary: This is a PWP, if by PWP you mean 'porn with plot'. And for a story with such a lot of sex it's surprisingly sweet. John and Rodney go back to Earth for leave after a mission in which they were captured and tortured, and they go to stay with John's parents. I love mmmchelle's take on John's parents - rather than going with the fanon cliche about John's cold and disaproving military father, in this John's parents are both teachers, who love him but can't understand his choice of career. Plus, even before they get together, John and Rodney act so gay John's parents assume they're together, which is always fun.

"You're Canadian?" Olivia asked, smiling at Rodney.
He nodded. "I'm from Kingston. It's a small city in Ontario."
"But he doesn't like hockey," John added.
"No cheerleaders."
"Football has cheerleaders," John said.
"I am not watching football with you."
"It's a silly game," John's father said with a grin that made him look remarkably like John. "Grown men knocking each other down over a piece of pigskin. Now baseball, that's a game."
John rolled his eyes and Rodney smiled. Maybe this would be a good trip after all.

Link to the story: A Better Fate
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Tags: nc-17, rec50, sga, slash
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