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Stargate Altantis (general series) recs for rec50

As of the 25th of October, I will be participating in the rec50 challenge, reccing 50 stories to meet given themes for Stargate: Atlantis. This journal is where I will be reccing them. All fics recced can be found via the master list in this post, my memories, or by browsing through past entries.

Stargate: Atlantis - general series
rec50 challenge 1: October 25 - December 31

01.First Time. 02.AU. 03.Angst. 04.Fluff. 05.Sex.
06.Anger. 07.Love. 08.Friendship. 09.Hurt/Comfort. 10.Fandom Cliche.
11.Character Study. 12.Humour. 13.Established Relationship. 14.Loss. 15.Crack!Fic.
16.Teamwork. 17.Jealousy. 18.Light. 19.Dark. 20.Non-Con.
21.Epiphany. 22.UST. 23.Time. 24.Future Fic. 25.Kink.
26.Death. 27.Original Character. 28.Dream. 29.Weapons. 30.Seduction.
31.Discovery. 32.Secrets. 33.Crossover. 34.Vacation. 35.Threesome.
36.Family. 37.Make-up. 38.Betrayal. 39.Break-up. 40.Confession.
41.Redemption. 42.Holiday. 43.Denial. 44.Mask. 45.Trapped.
46.Reccer's Choice 47.Reccer's Choice 48.Reccer's Choice 49.Reccer's Choice 50.Reccer's Choice
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