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Claim: Stargate: Atlantis, general series
Title: Decussate
Author: casspeach
Characters: Lorne/Parrish, Rodney, Katie, others
Prompt: 30. Seduction
Length: Long
Brief summary: This is a fannish classic - does he love me or is it someone else? It also explores what Atlantis might be like for some of the other scientists, who aren't physisists, as well as dealing with the possible complications of being gay in a world that's not always friendly to gays, without angst. Plus, it's sweet without being OOC. This a loose sequel to Perimeter, but it stands well on its own.

"Great. So, ready to go in an hour?" Lorne didn't really ask, bumping David's shoulder with his own in what David had thought, until about five minutes ago, was a kind of secret signal, but which was probably just friendliness.

Then he was gone, and it was too late for David to change his mind and ask for some other people to dilute the awkwardness of days in Lorne's company when he'd been so wrong, again. He'd been close to declaring himself last night, so sure he was right, that his feelings were reciprocated. He missed academia, where he could have just asked, without having to fear waking up in a hospital bed if he was wrong.

Link to the story: Decussate
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Tags: nc-17, rec50, sga, slash
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