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Claim: Stargate: Atlantis, general series
Title: Triptych
Author: alyse
Characters: Rodney, John, Elizabeth
Prompt: 35. Threesome
Rating: NC-17
Length: Medium
Brief summary:
This is a brilliant, absorbing story that explores what might have happened had John, Elizabeth and Rodney been captured by the Genii. It is a wonderfully believable description of what being captive might be like, with the three of them turning to each other for comfort. It's narrated from Elizabeth's point of view, and I really love Alyse's characterisation. Plus, it's hot.

She doesn't try to stop John. She closes her eyes as his face moves closer and feels his fingers curl against her belly.

His breath is still sour but it's human and it's warm and it reaches places inside her that have been cold for so long. His fingers are cold too, and he swallows her gasp as they slide underneath her tattered top to stroke lightly over her skin.

She stays silent - she has to. There are guards outside the door and a hatch through which they regularly check on the prisoners; she may have lost her mind but she's determined to hold onto what is left of her dignity. It's not much but it's all she's got, and she's been kicked and called 'whore' too often now to give them the satisfaction of believing that their insults have foundation.

Link to the story: Triptych
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Tags: het, nc-17, rec50, sga, slash, threesome
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